Pantry Musings …

I saw a lady on u tube putting together her pantry in a new house. It was a large pantry completely built and nice shiny white shelves. She had , maybe sponsored ?, got numerous receptacles from a storage store. Some were like the fresh seal ones I got for sugar etc recently, but it went in to include turntables , bins, and gravity fed cereal canisters.
She proceeded to fill them with more junk food that I think I ever saw the 18 years I lived at home. Lol. I did see , brown sugar, oatmeal packets and two small shelves of canned foods. It looked like a piece out of home and garden magazine! Beautiful, but not too practical. LOL

not quite what our pieces together grow as it might pantry, Our pantry is comprised of the old glass jars that once held peanut putter in my youth. They were large, square and fed us for months. We Kearney to bake peanut butter cookies. I added pickle jars when pickles came in gallon glass jars when we were first married. We added a few storage jars along the way.

You are most likely to see bread flour, sugar, bisquick, noodles. beans, brown sugar and rice in jars and some air tight square canisters. Cans are grouped together oldest to the right in such a manner that we can tell how much of any one thing we have. My limit is 16 of most things we use in a regular basis — like every week. That’s why we stocked six of everything we use in a regular basis when I got a 10.00 off of fifty coupon last week. That made canned vegetables .40 instead of .80 cents . We only use corn and green beans, diced tomatoes and diced green mild chilies. I filled in beans in case we are short in time or loose power and can’t logically make scratch. Our stock items are basically scratch ingredients so we aren’t stocking a ton of items. It keeps things simple and storing them together makes it easy to check stock when something is on a good sale.

Many items I just replace when I take the backup out of the pantry or freezer. If I use the last of the mayonnaise, I start looking for a new mayonnaise in sale. Because I am not desperate for mayonnaise a, I can wait until a sale comes around. Summer is the best time to find sales on picnic supplies and bbq supplies, fall is best for baking.

Keeping things simple means stocking is a manageable feat. And, it saves a lot of money, We eat well and we eat on the same 4.00 a day that snap was years ago. We have eaten in 4.00 a day for more than five years and that included restocking the old freezer when it quit. The current snap is close to six dollars a day.

We have real food, not fake, and we always have fresh fruits and vegetables. Albeit basic vegetables, but that is more a case of people in the family only eating basic vegetables. LOL

Eating well on a budget doesn’t mean hamburger helper or mystery meat. It just takes effort and learning to efficiently cook so you aren’t spending all day in the kitchen,

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