What’s for Dinner

Meal plans keep us on track. They just make life easier. And, when the meals are on the refrigerator, no one is asking…What’s for dinner ?

  1. Chicken, potatoes, Green beans ranch sheet pan. Rolls
  2. pizza
  3. hamburgers, French fries or tater tots. Lettuce, tomatoes
  4. tacos, Refried beans, Spanish rice
  5. chicken and rice ( honey, soy , peppers )
  6. tuna casserole, peas
  7. breakfast for dinner

notes :

chicken sheet pan dinner isles homemade ranch dressing mix.
Pizza is homemade with a parmesan and flour crust

hamburgers are cooked in a grill pan and french fries in the air fryer without oil.

tacos are made from precooked hamburger and Refried beans are fat free in the insta pot.
chicken and rice is a recipe in the insta pot with honey, soy, garlic sauce

tuna casserole is a blast from the last with solid albacore tuna.
breakfast for dinner is a mainstay and family favorite.

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