What we bought …

We do have a full freezer. I just bought a few things that we needed to add to the refrigerator. Sadly, I didn’t realize I was out of cooked hamburger and had almost all of a taco dinner started. My husband went to the local grocery store and paid six dollars a pound for hamburger. He did get a package that was marked down and we paid 4.32 for 9/10 of a pound of hamburger . I made a three pound chub the next day.


Bread .98 (2)

eggs .98

blue cheese 3.15

diced ham. 2.78

applesauce .98

pumpkin pie 3.14

whip cream 2.82

cottage cheese 1.98

milk 1.48

grapes 1.98#

ham lunch meat 2.83


5# Fugi apples 2.48

total 31.86

grand total


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