What’s for dinner?

Planning for dinners just makes things easier. Having a core of basic foods in your pantry/freezer facilitates the concept,

  • White bean, ham and carrot soup., peasant bread
  • pizza
  • cheeseburger Mac, green beans
  • tacos, Spanish rice
  • chicken stir fry, rice
  • chicken pot pie
  • breakfast for dinner


  1. Ham soup uses diced ham, Oversized carrots that have been peeled and shred in the food processor.
  2. Pizza is made with a parmesan herb crust .
  3. cheeseburger Mac is a skillet dinner I made up years ago
  4. tacos, Spanish rice is made with already cooked and de fatted hamburger. Taco kits at grocery outlet are cheaper than buying the taco shells
  5. chicken stir fry uses frozen stir fry vegetables, less expensive because it gives you the variety of vegetables with no waste if you are a small family. A lot of veggies for the cost of the pepper.
  6. chicken pot pie uses already cooked chicken
  7. breakfast for dinner is a mainstay. Try pumpkin waffles— just another way to get veggies into your diet,

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