Kitchen Management

Taking an hour or so to gather your fragments and deep clean a part of the kitchen on a rotation basis helps keep things in order and doesn’t make it a monumental task.

This week, I too. The coffee station apart and deep cleaned the counters, walls amd filled anything that needed filling : olive oil. Soap dispenser etc,

We had hamburger buns that were getting stale, so we made bread crumbs.
we had some carrots that were a bit to large to be tender, so we peeled them and out them through the food processor to make shredded carrots. Just right for ham and bean soup.

The bean soup was easy in the insta pot. A loaf of artisan bread 🍞 made its way into the oven. Not the most perfect loaf because in spite of the slashes I’m the top, part of it burst out,

The floor got swept and the refrigerator washed,

Taking a few minutes a couple times a week to check the refrigerator for anything that needs to be used up is a lesson in stretching your food dollars. Just freeze or incorporate an ingredient into your meals, Bits of fruit can go in a batch of muffins, cottage cheese can be filling for pasta shells ala lasagna, Vegetables can make their way into an stiffed omelettes or stir fry.

Bananas can be made into banana cake or bread, or just peeled and frozen.

Extra bread can be French toast. Eggs can be hard cooked . Making them in the insta pot is fast, simple and easy peel.

Keeping your stock of food simple and versatile is key,

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