Poverty is a state of mind

I have been studying about food insecurity for almost nine years now, That in no way makes me an expert on food insecurity ir poverty, But, I have made some observations that seem to suggest that just throwing money at someone on poverty will not necessarily eradicate poverty,

Old habits die hard. There are places in America that are food deserts, Seems that the fast food places and convenience stores seem to thrive in those areas, but a regular supermarket can’t make it profitable. The upshot of that is that a lot of dollar menu items at the fast food places are the main ingredients of people’s diets. I have seen more than a few places that have no grocery store, but have fast food, taverns, and smoke shops. None of which upgrades a persons standard of living,

People having decent jobs, having been taught a good work epic to keep a good job. Teaching good nutrition and changing eating habits, . Fighting obesity. Giving people hope for their future. Teaching the youth how to cook decent meals and vegetables…all things that can’t harken in a day and would be a tall task.

One example that stands out in my mind is a lady on U tube that thought she could teach others. She is proud of the fact that she has FIVE children, all by the same father. She got 2500.00. Near as I can figure one month during the height of the pandemic. She went to Sams club and bought 269.00 worth of food? . 3 jars of pasta sauce, two large canisters of yellow rice. Three stock up sized jars of seasoning blends that infinite might have cost the 69.00 part of the haul. The rest was individual portions of glorified sugar water and fruit in a cup that is loaded with sugar. Those two things as part of a meal would be 39 carbs of sugar. Her oldest kid was, maybe 10. In perspective, my nutritionalist says I should have 30 carbs for an entire meal. Then, consider that the child should also have a main dish and a vegetable.

We all know that changing our habits is not an easy thing to do and having more money to feed more bad habits is not a solution.

we all know, too, that not having enough money just compounds. If you dint have a surplus I PD carry over, and one thing goes wrong, you are late on your rent and late fees can eat up what you have for other bills. Of you are barely squeezing buy, something like a flat tire can devastate you. Money helps. But it isn’t the total be all. End all for eradicating poverty. It is going to take education

For that same 200.00 , she could have bought pasta, pasta sauce, cans of tuna, salmon, chicken, vegetables, low sugar fruit., flour. Sugar, yeast. Baking powder, oatmeal. Dry milk, rice, beans— just about anything that has a shelf life that you can make a meal full of nutrition with.

one word sums it up EDUCATION.

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