What’s for Dinner….

ten minutes edition …

Chicken Fried Rice …..


Fish, broccoli, potatoes

Roasted red pepper and tomato soup with blue cheese and basil l cheesy biscuits

tacos, Spanish rice

carbonara, rolls

breakfast for dinner

Notes :

  1. Frozen vegetables and already cooked chicken you have made ahead make this a quick dinner. Egg rolls or pot stickers from the freezer section can round it out , or not .
  2. pizza dough is pre-made and frozen ahead
  3. fish in the air fryer, frozen broccoli was on sale this week,
  4. tomato soup is from a box and cheapest at Costco. Biscuits take minutes while the soup heats and are a Betty Crocker 3 ingredient recipe,
  5. tacos are made from already cooked and de fatted hamburger. Rice in the rice cooker .
  6. carbonara is a stove top dish
  7. breakfast for dinner is always quick and can be as simple as eggs, fruit, toast or hash brown cakes or a quiche in the oven.

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