Kitchen Management

It is Monday. It is always good to prep and be ready for the week. A little time now can save a lot of time later. Because you are multi tasking, a lot gets done in a little time. Working from your meal plan, you can plan cooking and save time Add a few cleaning hacks and you are set.

  1. Put the stove vent screen in the dishwasher. Clean stovetop.
  2. Pull ingredients from the refrigerator and dump anything dead and make note of anything that needs to be used soon
  3. Hard cook eggs in the insta pot. 5;5; 5 method, Five minutes processing time, five minutes natiral release, five minutes in a ice bath
  4. make rice
  5. pull bread dough and shape for the rest cycle,
  6. pull blueberries from freezer and make sauce for pancakes
  7. make pancakes
  8. make celery and carrot sticks
  9. freeze pizza dough
  10. wash kitchen floor

A little work now, saves a lot of work during a hectic, or not so hectic week.

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