5 don’t buy this and a buy this…

First buy this…. some paper based personal care products are going up in June. Like diapers, sanitary protection, and toilet paper. I might suggest one might be prudent to buy one ahead in a responsible manner as not to upset the supply chain and start a panic.

Now. don’t buy this….

  1. Pie filling, Dump cakes are delicious and easy, but most of them call for a can of pie filling, Most pie fillings cost a bunch and don’t have a lot of actual fruit in them. Pie filling can cost anywhere from 3.59 to 5.69. Pie filling consists of a thickener, ( cornstarch) , fruit, and sugar, You can mix it in the pan you are cooking the dump cake in. More fruit, less cost
  2. chicken stock. Cooking a whole chicken in the insta pot takes a matter of minutes and you can net cooked chicken and a quart of stock. The stock , when purchased in a box can cost a half oaf the cost of a chicken. Chicken in the insta pot — place trivet in the bottom of the pot. One with handles is best, Place the chicken ( after you removed the parts from the cavity) in the pot. Pour a cup of water in the pot and process 6 minutes PER POUND. A six pound chicken will take 36 minutes.
  3. bread crumbs cost 2.99 @ pound, Bread heels are free. Most people won’t eat them. Leftover bread starting to get stale? Break it up in the food processor and whirl until you get crumbs. It was my granddaughters favorite job at 3 yo. Place the crumbs on a sheet pan and place on the oven after you have baked something, They will dry out and you will have breadcrumbs, Season if you like, I like to make a mixture of equal parts of finely chopped nuts, breadcrumbs and parm cheese to “bread” chicken, pork chops or chicken nuggets.
  4. boxed Mac and cheese. There are some new reports that even the expensive stuff has ugly things in it, It is expensive as compared to the cost of the ingredients. Cook macaroni . Add a splash of milk and some grated cheese. There is a recipe out there for three minute Mac and cheese in a mug in the microwave. It is just as simple in the insta pot for dinner sized portions. Macaroni comes in all kinds of shakes and sizes, usually you can get it for a dollar a pound or less. Barilla can be found at the dollar tree often. We like to use a mixture of cheeses. An idea I stole from an upscale restaurant menu.
  5. Canned beans can cost anywhere from .69 to 1.29 a can. A can is 15 ounces, or two cups. Two cups of dry beans cost .20 for 2 cups of cooked beans. I do keep a few cans in the case that I want them in a hurry or we loose power. I hate to think how long it would take to cook beans in the fireplace or on a bbq. Lol.

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