Building on your basic list….

Jane’s frugal food takes a different approach to buying food. It is called Market Based . Instead of the arduous task of making meal plans, developing a grocery list and shopping at one store , fill8mg hour cart at merchandise that s priced at top dollar, you take a simpler approach and save money in the long run.

Keeping a core stock of basic ingredients that you use in a weekly basis and buying them in bulk of it makes sense is key. Buying things in multiples when they are at their lowest price simplifies things and makes best use of your grocery money, We are talking a four to six weeks supply of most shelf stable or refrigerator stable things. Most dairy like sour cream and cottage cheese or eggs are out a month or so on their pull dates and a months worth of shelf stable is usually manageable for most pantries. Four to six weeks is the usual schedule for grocery sales.

basically, you are dealing with less things, you are spending less for those things, and you always have something in the house to eat.

We all want our lives to be perfect without any bumps in our roads. But, face it, the last year has proven bleep happens. Having a buffer of food just makes the journey a little softer.

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