“ meat” for seven meals 20.00


Ok, 20.57 if you buy 93/7 ground beef at QFC this week. Truth: we buy 80/20 at Fred Meyer four 2.47 which would be less expensive, but would necessitate buying 3 pounds. We do cook all three pounds and de fat it and freeze it in meal sized portions. These meals will, in most cases feed two adults or two adults and two school aged children. The exception being the honey soy shrimp.

  • 1# shrimp 7.99
  • 5# chicken @.88 – 4.40
  • 1# Jimmy Dean sausage 4.19*
  • 1# ground beef 3.99 ( 2.49)
  • We have laid anywhere between free and 3.00 a pound for Jimmy Dean sausage.

meals :

1 Jambalaya : sausage, chicken, some of the shrimp ( garnish) . Rice, tomato.
2 Chicken pot pie : crust or bisquick topping, mixed vegetables , chicken, magic mix ( oreoare cream soup base ) .

3. Sausage pizza : pizza sauce ( Dollar tree) , homemade pizza crust, mozzarella cheese, sausage, any mix of vegetables you have ( peppers, tomatoes, parm?) . Maybe add a salad?

4. Chicken noodle soup: broth from cooking soup, carrots, celery, onion, noodles. Chicken . Cheesy biscuits or Texas toast. Cheesy biscuits are a Betty Crocker recipe—fast and easy three ingredients 9 minutes. Or Texas toast made with homemade French bread- another quick recipe.

5. Chili or taco soup : quick or all day on the slow cooker. Cooked hamburger, diced tomatoes, corn, beans, taco seasoning. Serve with tortilla chips, purchased or made from tortillas.

6. Honey garlic shrimp : (over rice ) honey, soy, garlic, olive oil . Rest of the shrimp .serve with broccoli?

7. Chicken stir fry: frozen stir fry vegetables, egg, rice, chicken, soy sauce, garlic

Recipes to follow in ongoing blog posts.

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