All About…

Market based grocery shopping.

The Advantages …

  • You always have some food in the house….
  • you often pay the RBP for what you buy,
  • you simplify the stock of food you have, so shopping is faster and easier
  • you are shopping at more than one store so you have the best of two worlds
  • basic food means you aren’t buying expensive , chemical laden boxes of food
  • efficient scratch cooking makes delicious meals in a short time.

Store sales I have a rhythm. Like everything in a grocery store it’s planned out. Stores put certain things on sale on a rotating basis. Most of the time that is on a four to six week basis. Taking advantage of those sales can save you a lot of money.

After making your master list, you can decide how many a bulk amount would be, For instance, we buy six of most canned goods that we use in a regular basis — things that are shelf stable, This assures that we can eat them before the expiration date and we probably will find a sale for know who has the cheapest price at the time. Most people have a list of about 15 items that they use weekly, Things like green beans, corn, pasta. Pasta sauce. Diced tomatoes, mild green chilies.

Bulk is in the eyes of the beholder. There are two of us …sometimes three. If we had

six children, that might be a whole case of green beans. The upshot is that it doesn’t make sense to pay 1.59 one week for a can of green beans and then buy one when they are 50. I think the expression is more bang for your buck.

You are spending less money because you are paying less for your food. The difference is that you are Buying a bulk amount of green beans this week and maybe next week you will buy the months worth of dairy. The end result is that you always have food in the house. Dare I say that there aren’t many people in the US that can’t r,ate to why that osma good thing after the food supply disaster we experienced last year.

Shopping two stores go es you better variety and selection ( produce comes to mind) and gives you the best of two worlds. Investigate and find the lowest cost leaders in your part of town, here that would be Winco foods and Fred Meyer. Case in point, my husband went to buy cottage cheese. Because QFC is close by. He went to QFC and bought it. It was 2.89. The same cottage cheese was 2.00 at Fred Meyer and the price at Winco last week was 2.00 as well. Both Fred Meyers and QFC are Kroger stores. The cottage cheese is exactly the same. They both pay their people according to the same union. Now, I used a 40 cent off coupon so the hit wasn’t as drastic. Where you shop is key. When you shop is key.

The new recipes these days and the invent of the insta pot and food processor means that with little effort you can make scratch meals in minutes and avoid the chemicals in boxed food. A muffin mix can cost two dollars for 12 muffins even at the dollar tree. The cost of muffin mix made from scratch is .30. It takes a matter of minutes. A rotisserie chicken has added salt …a lot of added salt. Three pound chicken is five dollars — the cheapest proce I could find. A sox pound chicken last week or so was 5.28. I cooked it in the insta pot. 1. Place trivet in pot. 2. Place a cup of water in pot. 3. Remove the extra pieces from the chicken cavity. 4. Place chicken on the pot. 5. Close the lid, set to seal and process 6 minutes PER pound. You have a chicken that is easily removed from the bone and a quart of chicken stock. Chicken stock costs 2.49 a quart. This stock has zero additives.

With an hour or so preparation day, I can make dinner in 20 minutes or less most days. You control what spices and additives you are eating. I can cook scratch meals for a family for a week for what those meal kit delivery people charge for a family of four meal. You still have to cook the food and do the dishes when you use the meal delivery, lol.

This blog is all about eating better for less.

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