What’s for Dinner.5/16/2021

We are on a mission to clean out the freezer. We have averaged four dollars a day per person for the past five plus years that we have been keeping track. SNAP is now sox dollars a day in this state.

  1. Tacos, Refried beans
  2. pizza
  3. mac and cheese with bacon
  4. tomato soup, biscuits
  5. hamburgers, French fries
  6. bow ties with sausage
  7. breakfast for dinner

These meals rely on piggy back foods basically because there are two of us ( sometimes 3) and that curtails waste.

  1. Tacos are easy with precooked hamburger and non fat , insta pot Refried beans
  2. Pizza uses sausage , cheese, tomatoes, peppers, herbs
  3. Mac and cheese uses bits and pieces of cheese.
  4. Tomato soup starts with a box. Costco doesn’t carry them anymore, but we found them in clearance at grocery 0utlet for .99. We bought enough for us to have tomato soup once a week for 4 weeks considering the pull date. We add blue cheese and basil.
  5. Hamburgers are from the freezer
  6. Bow tie pasta uses cream, parm, and rope sausage ( 2/4 at Fred Meyers )
  7. breakfast for dinner is a mainstay,

One note, sour cream and cottage cheese is almost always on sale for 2.00 for the big carton at Fred Meyers and Winco. The dairy at Fred Meyers and QFC is identical sans the logo. The cottage cheese was 2.89 at QFC. It pays shop the cheapest stores, and it pays to watch sales and buy multiples . Most dairy is a month out in its pull dates.

Prices are increasing, we need to use all the tricks in the book to maintain a budget,

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