Thursday quick list ..

little kitchen hacks …

  1. Parmesan cheese rinds will flavor any soup or slow cooker meal
  2. Always pull up the digital coupon app for your favorite grocery store,. You never know what you may find, hit the button for anything you may buy in the near future, It takes little time and the “magic of having a reduced grocery tab is amazing, Fred Meyer had eggs for .97. Whi doesn’t need eggs? I didn’t realize that the eggs were a 18 count,,,,,score !
  3. vegetable scraps are a good addition to stock
  4. Five minutes of prep time puts a whole chicken in the insta pot. Working in tandem with another person means you keep chicken hands and fresh hands. Faster clean up. The same five minutes will cook a chicken in a slow cooker.
  5. Whole chicken in a slow cooker, Use a regular sized slow cooker. Place a large onion, or two small onions , peeled and cut in half or quarters, in the bottom of the liner, Place your chicken on top. Add herbs on top of you want, Cover and cook for 1 hour a pound in high, Check for doneness about 3/4 of the way through. You will have cooked chicken and a lot of chicken stock.
  6. An hour when the house is quiet can save a lot of time at the dinner hour, Even if you are “too tired to cook” having dinner partially made will be once to e to cook,
  7. Have a few recipes that take almost no effort and that even the most culinary challenge fed can cook. It saves the day if you get sick or have other commitments . Granddaughter has been putting a pizza together since she was four.
  8. save a shelf on the freezer door for pizza. Every time you have something you can put on a pizza, pit it on a zip loco and put it on the shelf. A little sausage, peppers, or black olives.?
  9. when cutting a pepper, slice the top and bottom off. Chop that for a pizza topping, or for an addition to an casserole or rice. Then you slice once through the “ cylinder “ and you can quickly cut slices.
  10. Pour a jar of pizza sauce in N ice cube tray and freeze it, Pop the “cubes” out and place in a quart zip lock and put on your freezer shelf. Pull just enough for your pizza. It will defrost while you roll or flatten your crust, or you can zap them in a micro safe bowl for a few SECONDS. Pizza sauce is cheaoest at the dollar store. One of the things that is. I th good and cheaoer than the grocery store,

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