30 ways with pasta …

  1. Aglio with bacon ( can sub ham)
  2. spaghetti amatriciama
  3. matchstick pasta
  4. taco Mac and cheese
  5. spaghetti Alfredo
  6. carbonara
  7. bow tie pasta with tomato and buttermilk
  8. pasta with greenbeans and buttermilk
  9. Mediterranean pasta : bow ties, tuna, artichokes, parm
  10. noodles with steak and mushrooms
  11. easy lasagna
  12. orzo with lemon chicken
  13. chicken and mushroom linguine
  14. pizza pasta bake
  15. spaghetti with meatballs
  16. garlic and Broccoli penne
  17. baked ziti
  18. butterfly pasta
  19. Mac and cheeseburger noodles
  20. orzo with lemon chicken
  21. spaghetti with clams
  22. penne with roasted red pepper tomato sauce
  23. pesto with bow ties
  24. puttanesca
  25. shrimp and peppers ( spaghetti)
  26. smoked salmon pasta ( fettuccine)
  27. sausage and green peppers
  28. stovetop Mac and cheese
  29. creamy lemon spaghetti (ham)
  30. Goat cheese with fresh basil penne

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