Bread…easy on call

It has been called anything from Dutch oven bread to refrigerator bread. Basically it is the easiest homemade bread you can make without a bread machine. On the time it takes you to take off your cost, hang it up and deal with the junk mail from the mailbox, you can have a batch of dough started.
baking the bread, maybe ten minutes. The result hot fresh baked artisan bread that may cost six bucks. There is just something about not fresh bread.

1 T yeast

1 T salt

2 cups warm water (105 degrees)

4 cups flour

mix ingredients in order in a small bucket or bowl with a lid.
Put the kid on the bucket, bit do not seal. The dough is going to rise.
Leave on the counter at least 2 hours. Refrigerate up to 7 days. The longer it

Stays in the refrigerator , the more it will taste like sourdough bread.

when you are ready to bake bread , pull of a hunk, about half (1# loaf) . Dust the dough with a little flour and use wet or oiled hands, the dough will be sticky. Shape the dough into a ball. Place it on parchment paper and set to rise in a warm place, covered. —-about an hour.
Slit the crust to allow for expansion.

preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place the bread on a pizza stone, a baking sheet. Bake 30 minutes or until bread is done (200 degrees) and sounds hollow when tapped .
Buttering the crust will make it softer.

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